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Hackel Construction, Inc. - We thrive on facilitating the construction process
Hackel Construction, Inc. - We Provide a Collaborative Customized Approach
Hackel Construction, Inc. - We Service Past Completion

We thrive on facilitating the construction process! First, we clarify your construction goals, assemble a qualified construction team, stand by the excellence of our work, and provide clients with personalized attention based on their specific needs.  You are important to us and we thrive on delivering service above and beyond your expectations! 


Here is our commitment to you:


We Provide a Collaborative Customized Approach. Each customer has unique visions and challenges. While we follow structured processes, we build a team of innovative professionals and customize our approach for each customer to capture the exact nature of their needs. Our construction teams are fully prepared to take on even the most complex projects and stand by the exceptional quality of our work. We understand that your business is a reflection of your effort and ingenuity and we are excited to partner with you to bring your construction goals to life.



We Service Past Completion. Our service team is present, handles all the details so that you don’t have to, and follows through on the customized actions specific to your project.  We resolve to finish well and continue to partner with you after the project is completed.


Hackel Construction, Inc. - We Listen
Hackel Construction, Inc. - We Love Questions
Hackel Construction, Inc. - We Practice Accountability
Hackel Construction, Inc. - We Are Known For Quality

We seek to understand your needs and assist you in your construction goals, partnering in a relationship of integrity, listening, and excellence with you.



We utilize three-way communication in which we send you information concerning your project, asking that you process this information and discuss any issues that may arise so that we may learn what best fits your values and needs.  We then review this information and alter our course of action based upon your preferences.



At Hackel Construction, Inc. we desire to meet high standards.  Mistakes can happen, yet it is how we respond to these miscalculations that set us apart. We believe in any great partnership, we own our mistakes, correct them promptly, and move forward from them.



Successful projects are led rather than managed. At Hackel Construction, Inc. we facilitate a culture of trust, growth and teamwork to guide each project to successful completion.  We love to build and thrive on maximizing the gifts of our stakeholder teams. By strategic planning, clear communication and daily execution, we ensure that your construction budget, schedule and workmanship meet and exceed your expectations.

It's time to RETHINK construction

It's time to RETHINK construction