Ord, NE

Reclaiming the old and recreating something new is a rewarding process and Hackel Construction, Inc. facilitated this transformation when, as construction manager, they renovated an old clothing department store on the town square into the new Professional Eyecare office.

What Other’s Say about Hackel Construction, Inc.

What Other's Say

“We had a great experience with Hackel Construction, Inc. when we built our new office. The benefit I noticed while working with Hackel Construction, Inc. was their great working relationship with other professionals in their field. When we needed an electrician or plumber on site, Tanner was able to get them there. Those relationships and Hackel Construction, Inc.'s attention to detail allowed us to finish our project on time.”

 - Dr. Brandon Blair, O.D.
Professional Eye Care


Hackel Construction, Inc. Resolves Challenges

Challenge: Store Front Design
The owners wanted to restore their storefront to reflect an original yet contemporary look and feel. At several times in the past, the storefront had been remodeled and eventually furred out, showcasing brown siding.

Hackel Construction, Inc. Finds Solutions


During the design phase, we removed part of the current siding façade and
discovered the original brick underneath. With some restoration, masonry work, and design, an awning was added to make this storefront a highlight of the town square.

Hackel Construction, Inc. Resolves Challenges

Challenge: Fire Code
Updating an older building to comply with current fire code.

Hackel Construction, Inc. Finds Solutions
Hackel Construction, Inc. Resolves Challenges

Hackel Construction, Inc. solved this challenge through good communication and asking lots of questions. Many meetings were arranged with the Deputy Fire Marshall to ensure that requirements were being met.

Challenge: Budget
Renovating an old building that had been remodeled numerous times was a
challenge. The owners had specific needs and desires that we worked to balance throughout the project to match their budget.

Hackel Construction, Inc. Finds Solutions

Hackel Construction, Inc. arranged regular design and budget meetings so that the owner and contractor were in agreement as the project progressed.