The Transformative Power of a Team

Hackel Construction, Inc. is a full service commercial general contracting firm that has served Nebraska’s communities since 2002. We work with both public and private sector customers, specializing in design-build, general contracting and construction management.


We are construction leaders who serve and stake our reputation on the integrity of our words and action. Our team is dedicated to working with you from project inception to completion to meet your timelines and budget to deliver a quality product that exceeds your expectations. We are committed to creating an enjoyable building experience for all our customers and cultivate a partnership that endures beyond the project's end. We invite you to contact us for an in-depth consultation so you can make your dream project a reality.

What Other’s Say about Hackel Construction, Inc.

What Other's Say

“Hackel Construction, Inc. had excellent communication with Central Valley throughout the entire project. From keeping the administration staff informed on day to day aspects of the build to working with the Central Valley maintenance staff on taking care of the new addition. Hackel Construction, Inc. went above and beyond our requests and provided proven leadership and commitment toward their construction project here at Central Valley.”

  - Amy Malander



Our Story

In the beginning, we loved to build just for the sake of creating beautiful buildings and structures that served Nebraska’s communities. We buckled on our tool belts and were driven by a commitment to excellence. Our motto was meeting quality, schedule, budget and we prided ourselves on exceeding these to serve our customers.


This approach worked well, but what happens when your ability to perform is taken away from you? What do you do when your only option is to lead from the sidelines? This is what happened when Tanner Hackel, president of our company, was nearly paralyzed by an accident in 2008.

Hackel Construction, Inc. Team

This turn of events forced the entire Hackel team to move beyond our fascination with the technical side of construction into the world of leadership —and deeper communication.

With Tanner Hackel sidelined, our prior system no longer worked. We had to figure out a different way. This proved challenging! All the management tactics that we tried worked about as well as 

being a jockey in an ostrich race. We struggled until we discovered a program taught through the SynoVation Valley Leadership Academy that was offered in our community through Blue Egg Leadership from Minneapolis, MN.

This program helped us bring positive influence and optimism into how we communicated, came up with new ideas, and found solutions. The effects were life changing. Rather than expecting people to read our minds or assume anything, we learned to clearly set expectations, check-in to answer questions, and observe the progress. We found that being curious and open disarmed our triggers.

We started using a more empowered approach to envisioning the ideal outcome that we wanted, rather than focusing on the challenges. We learned that effective accountability is a process that has to be continuous, clear, and kind. We experienced a mindset shift that transformed our family and business relationships so much that we enrolled our whole team in the program the following year.

​We got rid of elephants in the room… those big, scary conversations everyone is afraid to have. We began to trust each other’s motives and clarify miscommunication. We started appreciating our families more.

Hackel Construction, Inc. - the elephant in the room
Hackel Construction, Inc. - elephant be gone

We participated in coach trainings and shared what we learned with other businesses struggling with the same challenges we faced. Now, we build common ground, bridge gaps and guide the construction process toward a desired outcome that is beneficial and profitable for us all.

Today the Hackel team is still growing, learning, and improving as we seek to leave a footprint of excellence in the physical structures and relationships that we build while contributing to the lives of our team members, customers, and community.

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