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As a General Contractor, we bid your project once the design plans are complete. Then, if awarded the project, we move forward to manage and build it. This delivery style is called Design-Bid-Build (D-B-B). In this style, there are two contracts you manage: one with the architect & engineering team that you hire to design your project and the other with us. 


With certain types of projects and the right team, D-B-B works very well, especially when the design is well established and the project cost is known. When these factors are in place, move forward with the design and put the project out for bid.

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One caveat: because the architects, engineers, General Contractor, and subcontractors do not work together in the initial plan design, clarifications and change orders may be necessary when discrepancies are found in the plans as construction takes place.


At Hackel Construction, Inc. we provide on-site supervision of your project and remain in communication with your architect to discuss any modifications needed. Our positive culture and focus on partnerships allow this delivery style to work well for you.

It's time to RETHINK construction

It's time to RETHINK construction