The Creative Power of a Team

Our preferred delivery style is Design-Build because its collaborative approach creates ease on the developer and customer. Design-Build is an integrated delivery procurement model for commercial construction projects in which a single entity designs and constructs a project under one contract. (Traditional Design-Bid-Build Delivery separates the Builder and Designer into two separate teams). Design-Build is highly collaborative joining the project owner, designer, and builder together to share their creativity, knowledge and expertise to create a strategic vision for the project.

Design-Build is also a mindset that affirms the power of communication, accountability, ingenuity, time, and resources of the team. Mutual trust and respect reside here, and the desired outcome is to fully meet the expectations of everyone involved. Forty percent of all nonresidential construction now uses the Design-Build model.

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When done right, Design-Build can increase project efficiency, quality, and budget accuracy. Hackel Construction Inc. is solidly established/experienced in the Design-Build approach.

As we Rethink Construction, we guide our customers to envision their ideal project and get excited about putting their plans into motion. We inspire them to dream about what would it look like. What would our assembled design-build team be doing and what would be the dynamics of this powerful relationship? As the Design-Builder, we blend technical construction skills with the soft skills of communication, coaching, and listening to understand our customer's vision and assemble a team that can bring this vision about. 


Are you ready to make your dream or project a reality? Do you need help thinking it through?  We invite you to contact us for an in-depth consultation.

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We will listen carefully to you and if we decide to work together, we will put together a hand-picked team customized to your needs. We will assess your project goals and budget to design and work with you to deliver your project within your schedule and budget. We hold our subcontractors and suppliers as valuable partners in the construction process, and know that clear direction, prompt pay, transparency, and attention to detail are keys to successful project execution. Ultimately, we strive to build a partnership with you that endures beyond the project’s end.


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It's time to RETHINK construction

It's time to RETHINK construction

What Other’s Say about Hackel Construction, Inc.

What Other's Say

“We had such a favorable experience with Hackel Construction, Inc. here at Central Valley Elementary. Hackel’s attention to detail and  management of all subcontractors and work site personnel was outstanding. The project manager communicated well with my staff and was responsive to our questions and concerns through the many changes along the way. Our school operated during construction, at a level beyond our expectations. We certainly valued the sound ethics we encountered with Hackel Construction, Inc. Since we have moved in, there have been numerous positive comments about our new addition from several stakeholders.”


  - Mrs. Connie Shafer
Elementary Principal

The Design-Build Process

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Depending on the complexity of your project, this can take more than one meeting. The meetings are kept to 90 minutes, and often include an architect, as bringing them on board early increases the speed and accuracy of project planning. We explore the intended use and special needs for the project as well as your expectation for schedule and budget. From this information, we create a basic project outline for specific size, structural, and utility requirements.


Once we have established the basic project criteria we create an initial budget based on the information received. This process can take 1-2 weeks. The more we know about the design selections and your expectations for the finished product, the more accurate the budget will be, and by integrating the design build team from the start, we can more accurately evaluate and maximize how to meet your project needs within your budget. Once we establish that your construction budget fits within the estimated budget, we discuss whether to move toward the design phase.

Note: The services provided up to this point are offered at no cost to you.



We execute a Design Phase Agreement, which outlines the design budget, details of the Design Retainer Fee, and scope of work to be performed under this agreement.



As the design develops, we will have several meetings including the owner, architect, contractor, trades and engineer. This part of the process takes from 6-14 weeks, and we will review the plans with you every other week, depending on the style of project. As the design moves forward, we will also have two or three finish product selection meetings with a designer to identify interior and exterior finish colors and products that will be used.



The design fee usually runs between 5% and 8% of the Overall Project Cost. This fee covers our time to develop plans, elevations and perspective drawings, basic specs, a construction schedule, and final costs for the project.



At 50% completion of design documents, we will give you a Gross Maximum Price for the project so that you can decide whether you want to move forward. If you choose not to move forward with the project, you can end the process and the partial drawings are yours to keep with no further obligation to Hackel Construction, Inc. If you choose to continue, we will sign a Design Build Agreement and construction will begin while the remaining design is underway.


We will dedicate a project manager and site superintendent to your project. The amount of supervision needed depends on the project size and type, and will be provided as needed, whether daily observation or just a couple days a week. The amount of supervision will affect the cost of the project, and we evaluate this during the estimating phase.



At substantial completion (the phase where you are able to use the space for its intended purpose), we will schedule a meeting for you to walk through the project with the project manager to ensure that you are completely satisfied with the workmanship and all your requirements have been met. While we work hard to take care of Punch List items as we move through the job, any items remaining will be recorded and resolved promptly.


You will be provided with an Operation and Maintenance Manual (O&M) that includes equipment operation manuals, all colors, serial numbers, and brands used within your project as well as a set of As-Built plans for your records. We will continue to partner with you to resolve any issues that arise over the next 24 months and ensure that you have received the best quality and service from Hackel Construction, Inc.