Partnering together for your Success

As fee-based Construction Managers, we help you finalize the design and manage the construction project.  We advocate on your behalf throughout the construction process. You manage two contracts: one with the architect & engineering team that you hire to design your project and the other with us to oversee the project.


Construction Managers are generally solicited early in the planning and design of the project. This approach allows the owner, architects, engineers, and Construction Manager to work together to craft the best design for the project and present the client with precise estimates to make informed decisions. This saves time, resources, and money. It is the only delivery style where, in some cases, the billing and payment is assumed by the client.

Hackel Construciton, Inc. - Construction Manager
Hackel Construction, Inc. - Concrete

A helpful tool in selecting a Construction Manager is a fee sheet that details the Construction Manager’s profit and overhead. In the end, the Construction Manager’s qualifications and the owner’s sense of mutual trust and the ease of relationship takes precedence over the fee sheet. Similar to a General Contractor, the Construction Manager provides on-site management for the project and works closely with the subcontractors to ensure quality workmanship and timely completion.

It's time to RETHINK construction

It's time to RETHINK construction