Ord, NE

The Alfred & Irma Burson Aquatic Facility is a beautiful addition to Ord, NE. It features a splash pad, pool house, and zero-entry swimming pool with a 25-foot slide. The pool deck allows for nearly 80 lounge chairs, protective sun shelters, and a snack area while the off-street parking offers convenient pickup and drop-offs.

Time Lapse of Construction

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What Other’s Say about Hackel Construction, Inc.

What Other's Say

“We got a very good product! I've heard from people who just love coming to the Alfred & Irma Burson Aquatic Facility ... It's a fun place... We had some bumps in the road and we always ended up with the same frame of mind, 'Let's get this done and get it done right!' I'm thankful to Hackel Construction, Inc. for working through the rainy season. There was always good communication and overall it was a great project.”

 - Dave Henke
Senior Project Manager
JEO Consulting Group Inc.



Hackel Construction, Inc. Resolves Challenges


Our team took on a new and unique project by building our first pool without any in-house experience.

Hackel Construction, Inc. Finds Solutions
Hackel Construction, Inc. Resolves Challenges


We employed subcontractors who are professionals in their field with extensive experience in pool construction and made sure that our team studied every aspect of the plans to anticipate and lead the process well.


Unusual and abundant rain weather patterns were a challenge during this project. In the first seven months of construction, we received 38 inches of rain which delayed the schedule and increased construction costs. (The average annual moisture fall for this area is 17 inches total.)

Hackel Construction, Inc. Finds Solutions


We purchased and utilized extra aggregate to minimize the muddy conditions and keep the site more accessible to our crews. Large capacity pumps were used to suction out water from the pool pit and backfill piles were tarped to keep the soil underneath from getting saturated with moisture. Eventually, we removed all the saturated dirt that did not meet compaction and brought in dryer soil to complete the project. These actions allowed the project to move forward and be completed on schedule.

Hackel Construction, Inc. Resolves Challenges


During a large concrete pour on the pool deck, a small rainstorm came unexpectedly and ruined a large portion of the freshly finished concrete. The damage that occurred required 75% of that pour to be replaced.

Hackel Construction, Inc. Finds Solutions


We worked with the concrete crew to safely remove the damaged concrete. We then created pour sequence plans to address unexpected weather interruptions as well as reduce the concrete pours to smaller, more manageable sizes. The completed pool deck turned out beautifully.